Saturday, October 24, 2009

Windows 7 does not suck

Windows 7 is out on the market and I must give my two cents about it. I downloaded the Windows 7 Beta 7000 in January 2009 and upgraded to the Windows 7 RC in June 2009 so I have been a Windows 7 user for 9 months before its release. I have seen the commercials and read the articles and I have to say this: Windows 7 is not the reincarnation of the Vista release! (or the XP release... for those of you who remember that XP used to suck too).

Here are some of my reasons why why Windows 7 does not suck:

1. As stated above, everyone remembers that when Vista came out it was a big disaster. It was slow, you had to upgrade your PC to one with amazing specs, none of your old hardware worked with it and many of your software programs did not work with it. It crashed, it was sluggish, and a huge change from what you were used to. Windows 7 is not the reincarnation of the Vista release!
     Windows 7 is faster, lighter, and will work with all your old programs and hardware. You do not need to go out and download 'windows 7' drivers and buy new versions of your software. Specifically, Office 2007 will work on Windows 7 just as it worked on Vista. You definitely do not need a new computer either. In fact, if you have a PC that runs Vista it will be by far enough firepower to handle Windows 7 as 7 is lighter and requires less RAM. If you purchased your Vista PC after June 26, 2009 you are eligible for a free Windows 7 Upgrade. If not, there are several upgrade packages. I personally think the upgrade prices are a little steep for one computer but the product is true upgrade.

2. Windows 7 will not have the disaster release that Vista did. The reason is Windows 7 has been beta tested by regular users such as myself for nearly a year. No previous OS hit the 'real world' in such massive fashion until it hit the shelves. Microsoft was very smart in allowing the public to freely beta test Windows 7. No one could truly be unhappy with the issues that came from their free beta versions of Windows 7 and it allowed Microsoft to iron out the wrinkles before putting it on the shelves for people to spend their hard earned money on. This is why I think the Windows 7 release will be a lot smoother than any other Windows OS.

3. The most notable differences with Windows 7 is the improved user interface. The reality is there are a lot of new features that make using Windows 7 easier than old OSs. For instance, the improved start bar gives you a preview of all your open windows similar to how Vista does, but also has new features with Aero allowing you to easily cycle through windows, preview them, go to the desktop easily, and search for programs quickly and easily. Windows 7 also allows you to rearrange the windows on the bottom bar and customize it in many other ways. I know these seem like little things but its the many little things that make Windows 7 rock so much.

4. Comparing Windows 7 to Mac OS is comparing apples to oranges, in my opinion. First, you cannot run Mac OS on an HP or a Dell. You cannot run Windows 7 on your iMac. In order to have Mac OS you have to own an Apple made computer with Apple specific hardware configured specifically for Mac OS - at their cost. Microsoft has to make an OS that will run on all kinds of different brands of personal computers. I am not saying you are not going to be happier with a Mac, I'm just saying I think its apples and oranges. So, when determining if Windows 7 is a good OS you must compare it to other operating systems that run on the same machines (such as Vista, XP, Linux, ect). When comparing Windows 7 to Vista, XP other PC compatible operating systems Windows 7 is newer, faster, and more feature rich.

5. The reason I think Windows 7 does not suck the most is that there are simply fewer, if any, instances where your computer 'crashes'. Sure, sometimes you might have a program crash... and that can be attributed to the software publisher more so than Windows, but overall it really does 'just work'.

6. Honestly, I think peoples biggest beef with Windows 7 is that it is not the same as Vista or XP. I know that sounds weird, but people hate change. They do not like learning how to use new things even if they are new features designed to make your life easier.

In summary, Windows 7 does not suck. In fact it is a fast, efficient OS that you will be happy with. It may not blow you away but it definitely does not suck nor will it be the disaster Vista was.

A YouTube demonstration of some basic Windows 7 user interface features.

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