Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I tore the meniscus in my left knee

About four weeks ago I work up in pain as my knee was throbbing. The rest of that day it hurt badly and that Friday I had a softball game and didn't know if I was going to make it. I ended up going and playing through it. Once I warmed up and got my blood moving the knee stopped hurting however after the game it swelled up nicely and hurt a lot. My knee would hurt on and off for the next week and I played softball 4 days a week and continued to play through it. I went on vacation about 2.5 weeks after the knee started hurting and hoped the rest would allow the knee to heal. Unfortunately it did not and my knee hurt just as much after a week of no games and regular icing and elevating. This is when my wife said it was time to go to the Dr.

I set an appointment at an orthopedic institute and was seen shortly after. Of course the day I went to the doctor my knee hurt in the morning but stopped hurting as soon as I got to the doctor. They first did an x-ray and the x-ray looked normal. The doctor laid me down and pressed on several ligaments and pressure points in my knee. He found one point just under my knee cap on the outside that hurt a lot when he pressed on it. He said he felt it crunch some indicating there may be a tair. He strongly recommended getting an MRI. I was worried an MRI would be expensive but it sounds like my insurance (BCBS) would cover all the $566 of the MRI after a $50 copay.

He said if it is torn I will need surgery, I will find out soon. The surgery is an outpatient procedure where they cut a small hole and depending on the type of tear with either remove damaged meniscus or repair the tear. Either way he said if it is torn that at my age (25) and active lifestyle he would recommend surgery over rehab because of the long term results.

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