Monday, September 13, 2010

UF MBA - Professional 1 Year MBA Program

I just began my first semester of the University of Florida's MBA Professional 1 Year MBA Program.

The Masters in Business Administration will take 16 months to complete and meets about 1 weekend a month. Each 4 month term has between 6-9 credits.

I did consider the Online UF MBA 1 year and 2 year programs before deciding to do the Prof 1 year MBA program. I also considered several other schools in the state of Florida for both online programs and in professional programs.

If you would like details about how well I did on the GMAT, how I studied for the GMAT, my undergraduate GPA, my prior work experience, etc please send me a  personal message. I am NOT going to share anything that is against UFs student conduct policy. I would be happy to share with you my thought process on applying and being admitted to the MBA program, what it might take to get into an MBA program, and what you can expect in your classes at UF.

Also, feel free to ask me about how big of a deal it is that an admissions director emailed or called you. Just remember, their job is to get you to pick their school over another school. They do have a major impact if you get in or not but they are definitely salesmen.

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  1. Hi George, I'm a current student in the traditional UF MBA program. My group just made a video promoting the ROI of the UF MBA program. Check it out: