Monday, September 13, 2010

Review - Western Digital 1TB Portable hard drive - My Passport Essential SE with Case

Purchase Price: $109.99
Where I bought it: eBay - eazeelectronics

The shipping time was very quick. I want to say 2-3 business days. The product was brand new in the package. It came preloaded with some WD backup manager software. The hard drive was smaller than my Toshiba portable hard drives which was impressive. It is much smaller than Seagate's 1TB FreeAgent GO hard drive.

The product retails for $119.00 so the price wasn't amazing. I know for a fact you can get deals on the hard drive for $99 during sales times. Also make sure to try to take advantage of Bing cash back whenever you can.

Send me a personal message with any specific questions on the product or the transaction.

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